Hack In The Box Security Conference Focuses on Cloud Computing Flaws

hitbmalaysiaHackers around the world have stepped up their game by targeting computer applications and services hosted on the Internet such as mobile services and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. To combat this development, IT professionals and government officials held a conference in Kuala Lumpur called Hack In The Box that aimed to address the growing concerns in cyber security.

Hackers have been enjoying time in their new playground dubbed “the cloud,” which refers to computer applications and services hosted on the Internet. Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, the host of the Hack In The Box conference said, “The focus [of security] is definitely moving towards ‘the cloud’ and to the security of embedded devices (Android, iPhone) to more advanced client-side attacks which leverage on Web 2.0 technologies, such as attacks on Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites.” The conference this week hopes to spend specific time attacking this problem specifically.

Now held twice a year, the conference is one of the most prominent cyber security conferences in Asia. It includes presentations such as “Clobbering the Cloud” and “Spying on BlackBerry Users for Fun.” The conference seeks to build a consensus among nations to strengthen laws against the misuse of IT as well as educate their growing legions of computer users and establish National Computer Incident Response Teams to deal with and share data about possible threats.

Hack In The Box is hoping to raise computer security awareness in Asia, particularly where some feel it is more necessary. “Many people still think in terms of products such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems and not in terms of procedures that increase security,” said Kannabhiran. Procedures to increase computer security could help combat hackers within the cloud. Being only one of the many conferences happening around the world dealing with cyber security, there is hope that the conference will help t successfully combat the growing cyber security threat.

(Via Computerworld)

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