Medical Server Hacked in Pursuit of Nerddom

Imagine getting a letter being notified that your sensitive information (ie. name, social security, medical history, etc.) was hacked. As unnerving as that is, in today’s day and age, it seems almost everyone has been a victim of this. What makes this particular story unique is that the hackers didn’t break in to steal the information for identity theft purposes.

They didn’t even break in to cause trouble for the server, which was hosting sensitive patient information for more than 230,000 people. Instead, the hackers broke into the New Hampshire-based Seacoast Radiology server to host a multi-player Call of Duty: Black Ops computer game.

Even though there were no signs of identity theft or that there was any misuse of the patients’ information, the victims were still urged to monitor their credit reports for signs of any suspicious behavior.

After further investigation, ID Experts, the cyber security company

hired to investigate this breach reported that the hackers were originally launching the attack, or game match, from Scandinavia and had indeed not done anything on the server besides enjoy their game. Apparently hosting a multi-player game in Scandinavia is either really hard or expensive and they had to resort to breaking into the radiology center’s server instead.

As for the security at the radiology center, the weakness that made this compromise possible was found and fixed. Thankfully for the patients whose records were exposed were only hacked by gamers and not crooks looking to harvest identities for resale.

(Via the Register) / (Image by Dave_B_, licensed under Creative Commons)

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