Hacker's Next Victim: Apple Keyboards

skullsWith technology exploding out of every hole on earth, hackers are finding ways to hack the anything they can get their fingers on and they have found their next victims: keyboards.

In a report written by Digital Society, Apple keyboards are exceptionally easy and vulnerable to infiltrate.  These keyboards may only have a small of amount of actual “technology” in them (8Kb of flash memory and 256 bytes of RAM), but hackers are prepared to delve into the unseen and small crevices of technology to disrupt the lives of users.  It’s like an addiction, at first they were content with hacking computers, then cell phones, and now, they’ll even resort to keyboards to get their fix.

Once the keyboard is possessed it can infect the computer it is connected giving the hacker full control over the computer.  The silent crime goes unnoticed and is incredibly hard to detect.  When demonstrated, the keyboard spit out in reverse order what had been typed into it whenever the ENTER key was pressed, giving a quick glimpse to the user that the keyboard had been infected and was recording what it injected back into the host computer.  This dangerous new development could give hackers the ability to record every single keystroke made on the keyboard.  This would give them access to personal information, passwords, and virtually everything on your computer.

The researcher, who wishes to remain unnamed for fear of being harassed, has been working with Apple to repair this giant hole in their security system, but fears that Apple won’t take the necessary precautions when patching up the flaw.

This news is especially disturbing after having just found out about the PS/2 keyboard exploit that was recently discovered. And after thinking about all of the things you type into your computer- pressing the delete button just isn’t the same anymore.

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