Hair-Raising Crime Wave

Recently, a wave of break-ins and violent crime has been hitting the streets of Texas, Michigan, and California in pursuit of something we would never imagine is worth much: human hair.

Businesses are getting broken into, people are getting killed, and all the criminals are going for is human hair that is meant to be worn as a weave. So what’s so enticing about a bunch of wigs that is worth the risk of getting arrested and jailed for life?

Apparently the wigs are actually quite expensive, and holding up a store full of these wigs can be extremely profitable. For example, one Houston robbery netted thieves $150,000, a Missouri break in was worth $85,000, and one business in San Leandro, CA, got taken for $60,000 worth of wigs.

With this hair being valued so highly, it’s not surprising that the thieves choose to go after it over electronics or other merchandise. But selling this hair is the really weird part. Apparently thieves sell it in the same fashion that they would sell a stolen DVD player, placing them on websites like craigslist or eBay, or simply offering it to people on the streets or other local hair salons.

One thing is for sure, I would never expect human hair to be worth so much, especially considering how we just throw it to waste after every haircut. I would also never expect, nor ever welcome, being propositioned to buy human hair on the streets by some shady dealer.

(Via Gizmodo)  / (Image by licensed under Creative Commons)

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