So Safe It’s Scary: 7 Tips for a Worry-Free Halloween

Halloween is the time of year plagued with superstition, spooks… and some serious threats. Letting your children go from door-to-door in search of delicious, cavity-inducing treats can make any parent a little scared. But, with proper precautions, you can feel safe letting your little monsters run amok and collect all the candy their hearts desire.

Here are 7 helpful hints for a secure Halloween:

1) Stay on the Doorstep
To stay safe, stay outside (if your little ones need convincing, just tell them they can make more stops and collect more treats that way!)

2) No Eating Until You’re Home
Make sure your kids know not to eat anything until they get home and the goodies get your parental stamp of approval.

3) Safety in Numbers
Costumed groups are not only more fun, they help keep everyone safe.

4) Keep Tabs on Trick or Treaters
Our Spark Nano 3.0 Portable GPS tracker (regular price $199.95) is a great way to keep tabs on your trick-or-treaters. Just drop it into your little one’s trick-or-treat bag or find a clever place to fit it onto their costume. Now you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where they are in real time, and instantly track their location from any smartphone or computer. For older kids, you can even set a “geofence” around any area of your neighborhood and receive an instant text or email alert the moment your child crosses that boundary.

This Halloween season, BrickHouse is offering the Nano for free, so you can let your kids enjoy the holiday while you sit back and relax. Just pay $19.95 for round-trip shipping and programming of the unit and you’re set. Click here for more information.

5) No Lights? No Treats!
Don’t approach houses without welcoming lights.

6) Never Get Into a Car with a Stranger
Not just on Halloween, of course.

7) Regular Check-Ins
Set time checks for everyone, say every 30-60 minutes for either a phone call or personal meetup.

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