Hamburglars Beware: Fast Food Chains Consider Surveillance Cameras

robberyhambThe safety of a staple of American business is being threatened. As it stands now, fast food restaurants aren’t required to set up security camera equipment. However, robbers use this fact to their advantage and frequently steal from these establishments and now many patrons are afraid to step into these establishments.

More and more businesses are using Security Camera Systems help police capture the perpetrators of these crimes. Liquor stores, for example, are required to have surveillance equipment due to the frequency of crimes there. The question is being asked: Are fast food restaurants behind the times? How could something that was a symbol of western prowess now be feared.
Convenience stores are also required to have security video due to the amount of traffic they get going in and out. Fast food restaurants are known to have just as much traffic and, just like the previous establishments, are an easy place to get quick cash.

Many fast food restaurant owners protest against the sanction because of the cost of the security cameras and the upkeep. However, the lack of video security cameras may hurt their profits even more.

WALB interviewed a local woman in Albany, Georgia about a recent Subway robbery who said, “I’m afraid of the fast food places also because a person could come in and rob them as well and I don’t want to be sitting there when they do.”

Something is amiss when people are afraid to walk into a McDonalds. Patrons may feel safer eating when they know that there’s a deterrent for such criminals in the form of a security camera. No one wants to go out to someplace they think is dangerous when they could just enjoy a meal in the safety of their own home.

It is surprising how often business security is not a top priority. Owners balk at the price and decide that it is an unnecessary expense. Really, a security camera system saves money when one thinks about how much could be taken in a moment’s notice by a drifter or even by an employee. Fast food restaurants may need to consider the benefits of recording not only to help the police catch the robber, but also to make their costumers comfortable. Isn’t that what the service industry is all about?

Network Camera Video Surveillance
CCTV security cameras have a built-in server so footage can be transferred over a network. This is beneficial because the lack of wiring means you can monitor your business from anywhere. The small, unobtrusive security cameras usually go unnoticed by customers, but will make them feel safer if they do notice.

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