How to Prevent Harvard Professor Henry Gates' Arrest In Your Home

henry_gates_porch_0721091After hundreds of letters praising a Harvard Professor, several resignations from a local police department, countless dinner conversations and two speeches by President Barack Obama, the word was out.

World renown black Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested for disorderly conduct after arriving at his house in Cambridge to find that he couldn’t open his door.  Seeing someone struggling with the door, his neighbor called the police to report a break-in.  Sergent James M. Crowley arrived at the house only moments later, where he and Professor Gates had some type of altercation that resulted in his arrest for disorderly conduct. Behind this seemingly simple arrest was a massive pool of controversy building up behind a damn that was let free when word of what happenned got around.

However, let us not talk about the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, why) of the story, but rather, how those 5 W’s could have been avoided if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

For your own personal safety always keep a form of ID on you, even if you are just running out to buy a carton of milk or walking the dog.  Should the situation arise, it’s important for police and other security personnel to be able to identify who you are.  You should be glad that they do this- not personally offended- because if it were a real robber or criminal you’d want to police to ask them for their ID too.

In cases like these, where you lose keys or a door is jammed, there are always alternatives. First, always make sure that your door is working properly, no matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, you should always have a working lock on your door.  It’s the porthole that separates all of your most precious belongings from the harsh realities of the world.
Second, in terms of losing keys- there are quick and easy solutions.

As soft rock artist Jack Johnson once sang, “I’ve been losing lots of keys lately, I don’t know what that means-But maybe I’ve been better off with things that can’t be locked at all.”

Well, fortunately for Jack, there are biometric fingerprint scanners that require no keys whatsoever.  With a quick scan of a finger your door will be sealed closed or opened at your discretion.

After hundreds of articles being written about this incident, it has become clear that this was a classic case of he said-she said. Void of accurate information, President Obama fell into the trap of talking before knowing all of the facts and had to come out with multiple statements correcting and clarifying his stance on the situation.  Had there been an outdoor surveillance video system set-up, a lot of hearsay could have been avoided since there would have been second by second footage available of what actually transpired, thus eliminating days of speculation and false allegations.

Always take the time of day into consideration.  If this were to happen to you in the middle of the night and a police off officer asks for your cooperation- it’s in your best interest to give it to him.  You should be thankful that he is there to stop a potential burglar from stealing all the possessions that make your home a home and not just a house.

In the neighborhood where Professor Gates is living there had been 23 previous arrests for breaking and entering.  With such a high number it is understandable that a police officer might be on edge when arriving at the scene of supposed number 24. Never assume that your neighborhood is impervious to crime.

Once you cut down the all of the forest leaves you’ll be able to see the lux et veritas of the situation: safety.  Some might say that at the heart of this incident were complex racial issues that transcend any type of home security issues, but at BrickHouse Security we think differently.  Without practicing the right safety measures and precautions, often everything seems to slowly shimmer out of focus to the point where it is no longer recognizable.  Being sensible about your safety not only ensures your well being, but it also often helps to avoid other problems too.

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