Panoramic Surveillance System to be Implemented in Airports

atta-alomari-2009-12-2-13-42-32If the Department of Homeland Security has their way, airports will soon have cameras with 360-degree recording capabilities. A new surveillance  system developed by Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate is designed to heighten airport security with a real-time panoramic view of a particular area using multiple shots from high resolution cameras.

ISIS, or the Imaging System for Immersive Surveillance, is a step up from other mediums that can capture a panoramic image, because these more primitive systems have to assemble a panoramic image after it’s taken, rather than in real-time. ISIS streams live with a 100 mega-pixel resolution, allowing images to remain super detailed even when the camera is zoomed in. Currently in the testing phase at Boston’s Logan International Airport while engineers work on a new version that would include custom sensors,video boards, and longer-range cameras with infrared nightvision capabilities.

(Via Information Week)

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