Nanny Cams Capture Chicago and Columbus Child Abuse

There have been a rash of child abuse cases lately that have been foiled by well-positioned nanny cams. We recently ran a story about a New York babysitter caught on camera drugging an infant girl to get her to “calm down”. In the past week there have been two cases, one in Chicago and one in Columbus, Ohio, that have reiterated the importance of hidden cameras as a bulwark against abusive babysitters.

In the Chicago instance, 31-year-old Andrea del Pilar Aguilar was charged with aggravated battery of a 15-month-old girl after the child’s parents used a hidden nanny cam to witness the babysitter choking and shaking the toddler. The parents only installed the camera after noticing bruises and a change in their daughter’s personality, describing her as becoming “increasingly withdrawn”.

In the Columbus case, Jon Bickel set up a hidden camera to monitor his ex-girlfriend, Gianna Cochran, as she watched their children. Bickel became suspicious of Cochran after observing her excessively punishing their daughter. The nanny cam, which captured more than 200 hours of footage, found Cochran carrying a young child around by his ankles and covering another child with a blanket. She was convicted on 12 counts of physical abuse against children and can face up to 25 years in prison. For photos from the case, click here (Note: some of the images may be disturbing.)

These cases are by no means the only examples of child abuse that happen every day across the country. They do, however, illustrate how hidden nanny cams can be an effective bastion against child abuse. In all of these cases, the babysitters may never have been brought to justice without the evidence provided by the hidden cameras.

(Via The Chicago Tribune and 10TV) / (Image by Gopal Aggarwal, licensed under Creative Commons)


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