Home Security Cameras, Angels and More – Security News Roundup, Week of Sept. 2

home security cameras roundup imageIt seems like almost every week someone is catching weird or exciting things on their home security cameras. This week, we’re looking at a roundup of such stories, featuring angels, unlucky criminals and lucky homeowners.

West Virginia Minister Finds “Angel” On Surveillance Footage

Being neither scientists nor supernaturalists, we’re going to avoid commenting on the validity of this story (despite the fact that “angels” seem to bear a rather striking resemblance to moths on a camera lens); Charles Shelton, a Charleston, West Virginia minister has claimed to have caught footage of an angel on one of his home security cameras. Flying into frame around 3:30 a.m., the glowing white object was observed by Shelton who had been awoken in the middle of the night by what he claims was the voice of God asking him to pray. The glimmering circle hovers directly in front of the lens for only a few seconds, long enough for Shelton to believe it to be “the Lord coming in.” And while it would be easy and cynical to dismiss this story as a coincidence or misunderstanding, Shelton sees it as something more: “a symbol of hope for a troubled community.”

Watch the video at CBS News 

Unlucky Las Vegas Burglar Gets Caught On Video

Much like gambling, robbing a house takes keen observation as well as a bit of luck. Unfortunately for 23-year-old Austin Jones of Las Vegas, the house he robbed not only had home security cameras prominently monitoring multiple rooms, but also an owner willing to take to social media to find out who stole his stuff. After returning home to find his home broken into, Ed Vidal turned to Facebook, posting the surveillance footage of the unobservant criminal with the message, “Need a little help from my Vegas peeps, this guys broke into our house today the 29th of August at about 9am, in the Spencer and Pebble area of Vegas.” After just a couple days, Jones turned himself in after being contacted by police. The owner of the house always wins, apparently.

Read more at The Daily Mail

Home Security Cameras Help Police Catch Florida Burglars

A pair of boys hit two residential homes last week, forcing their way into the first and nabbing silverware, checks, and jewelry. Their second attempt was thwarted by an alarm before they could gain entry. Both times, neighborhood and home security cameras caught some incriminating footage. During the successful break in, a neighbor’s camera got the license plate of the getaway car. At the second, the boys’ images were captured as they attempted to break in. The information allowed police to arrest the alleged burglars easily.

Read more at the Sun-Sentinel

Security Footage Leads to Thief’s Capture in One Hour

A Minneapolis man happened to be up late and had the monitor for his security camera on when he noticed someone in the alley attempting to break into cars near his home. He watched the thief-to-be gain entry to his neighbor’s car, and then notified the police after seeing the man remove an expensive camera and a few other items. Police arrived, recognized the man in the footage, and were able to pull him over within the hour. They recovered the stolen camera without the car owner even knowing she had been robbed.

Read more at Fox9

Colorado Springs Man Thankful He Missed Robbery

While home security cameras are ideal for capturing crimes on video, they aren’t capable of stopping bullets. A recent Colorado Springs burglary has one homeowner thankful he was away at the time of the crime, as his security camera caught footage of 2 robbers openly brandishing handguns and aggressively rummaging through his belongings in a manner that suggested that they wouldn’t be afraid to use the weapons if confronted. “It’s really scary, but I actually feel blessed, I’m positive if I was here I’d be dead,” said the homeowner. The burglars got away with a number of valuables including jewelry and cash. While the video hasn’t yet led to an arrest, anyone with information is asked to call Colorado Springs Police at 719-444-7000 or Pikes Peak Area Crime Stoppers at 719-634-STOP(7867).

Read more at KOAA

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