Internet Mafia and Cyber Extortionists Offers Businesses Discounts on Hacks


Based on an experiment done by researchers from VeriSign’s iDefense Intelligence Operations Team, they found that it would cost around $67 to rent a botnet or a DDoS attack for 24 hours, or $9 per hour. Is this the next generation in competitive business?

A botnet is a computer program that installs itself on an unsuspecting computer and gives the botnet’s creator complete control over the system.  Most of the time these hackers use the control to launch an Internet attack on a specific person or company. And this is exactly what a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack does; it installs  thousands of botnets on computers and launches them in sync to attack a target website all at once to bring down an entire server.

As shady as this sounds, it goes even deeper because the creators of these botnet/DDoS “companies” use extortion to acquire more money. Instead of actually launching an attack unbeknownst to the user, the botnet company’s business plan revolves around extorting a company by warning them that they will be hacked if they don’t pay up. These companies are even nice enough to offer the companies a 30% discount if they want to attack a competitor company.

Here’s an excerpt from the actual DDoS extortion letter:

“Hello. If you want to continue having your site operational, you must pay us 10 000 rubles monthly. Attention! Starting as of DATE your site will be a subject to a DDoS attack. Your site will remain unavailable until you pay us. The first attack will involve 2,000 bots. If you contact the companies involved in the protection of DDoS-attacks and they begin to block our bots, we will increase the number of bots to 50 000, and the protection of 50 000 bots is very, very expensive.


You will also receive several bonuses.
1. 30% discount if you request DDoS attack on your competitors/enemies. Fair market value ddos attacks a simple site is about $ 100 per night, for you it will cost only 70 $ per day.
2. If we turn to your competitors / enemies, to make an attack on your site, then we deny them.”

Now this is what you call a business model for the next generation of criminals. Not only do they force you to pay them, they also offer you a bonuses if you do business with them.

(Via ZDNet)

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