How To Keep Your Children Safe: Top 5 Ways To Stop Kidnappers


Kidnappers are motivated by large sums of money. The thought process being, why even bother taking the risk if the target isn’t worth the trouble. Due to SEC disclosure laws, finding out which executives make the most money is now easier than ever before. Your business, or your family may be at risk. Here are four tips on how to improve security.

1. Counter-Surveillance Plan
Successful kidnappings are preceded by a preparatory stage. An effective counter-surveillance program can potentially detect a threat, increasing security and motivating would-be kidnappers to go elsewhere. A good program could include a team that conducts surveillance at a facility, residence, or any given location, and keeps tabs on who is watching the target. This means looking for people who might be walking back in forth frequently in front of a location, taking video or photographs, counting footsteps to determine the measurements of a given location.

A counter-surveillance program might also use a CCTV system in a proactive way, he said. CCTV is primarily utilized once a crime has taken place. But a good counter-surveillance team can use all of the smart CCTV technology available in a proactive way. Particularly if you have the ability to identify cars and license plates to keep an eye out for who seems to be in your area, collecting information about scheduling, comings and goings, and transportation routes. Additionally, just the presence of DVR cameras are enough to deter most criminals. A good counter-surveillance system will help expose the truth.

2. Know How To React
As we mentioned, kidnappings are planned events. Kidnappers don’t often consider what they will do if the victim takes some drastic action to thwart the abduction. We wouldn’t suggest any James Bond type heroics but knowing how to keep cool in these kind of situations will throw your kidnappers off kilter. This kind of reaction to threats is not second nature to people. It is something that has to be learned.

Also make sure to touch everything in sight to leave lots of fingerprints and to talk to the kidnappers so they see you as a human, not an object.

3. GPS Tracking Devices For Increased Safety
BrickHouse Security recommends everybody put in place technology to be able to receive GPS transmissions from cell phones or emergency GPS Trackers. While this technology may only go so far because the device will likely be taken from the victim, in some scenarios, it could still aid in rescue. And as technology advances, GPS Tracking will become even more useful.

4. Utilizing Current Technology
Children, especially those of more prominent parents, are often viewed as easy targets. More often than we’d like to admit, children are prone to the advances of strangers. A stranger might sequester your son or daughter with the intention of releasing him or her only when ransom is meet. BrickHouse Security recommends teaching your children about the dangers of conversing with strangers. But no matter how much you may remind your child about real-life danger scenarios we still recommend your outfit your child with some kind of GPS Tracking device or Child Locator. You can educate yourself and your loved ones about the very real dangers of kidnappers but if that day comes BrickHouse Security recommends that you utilize all the of available safety and security technology available to keep you and your family safe.

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