Security Expert Exposes HP Laptop Lock Vulnerability

Whenever you buy a laptop lock you expect it to do just that, lock your laptop in place to make sure it doesn’t get stolen. And if you are going through the trouble of actually buying and using the lock, it’s pretty safe to assume that whatever information is on that laptop is pretty important to you and worth locking up.

So imagine the surprise laptop users got when they found out that their secure laptop locks can be opened in about 15 seconds with a simple screwdriver. That’s right, only 15 seconds without any sophisticated techniques or tools required. All there is to penetrating the security of these locks is a simple tapping of a plastic screwdriver’s handle on the correct point of the lock.

Security expert Marc Tobias demonstrates for us just how insecure most of these laptop locks really are, particularly Hewlett Packard’s BV411AA and BV411UT models that sell for up to $40. Watch the attached video to see Marc Tobias in action.

(Via Forbes) / (Image by Satoly licensed under Creative Commons)

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