Human Nanny Cams, A Box-Eye View & More – Security News Roundup, Week of April 15

security-news_april15From the silly to the serious to the fascinating, there were a number of great security-related news stories this past week. Hear about an ironic foiled robbery attempt, get a package’s perspective, and more.

Brooklyn Residents Are Human Nanny Cams

Brooklyn parents enjoy an added layer of oversight on their nannies thanks to a number of different websites designed to allow people to report unsafe baby sitter behavior in public, according to the Wall Street Journal. When nannies take kids out of the home in New York, they might think they are enjoying a kind of public anonymity that is specific to urban centers. However, these neighborhood-specific websites enable concerned neighbors with camera phones to share information about “bad nanny” behavior in the hopes of informing the parents.

Read more at the Wall Street Journal

Surveillance Camera Helps Protect Its Own in Maine

Walmart security cams captured a man attempting to rob the store of a home security system, proving that while he wasn’t a very intelligent thief, he had good taste in terms of equipment effectiveness. Security guards monitoring the cameras called police, and the man was arrested and charged with theft of the $200 system.

Read more at the Bangor Daily News

Oklahoma Nursing Homes May Get Mandated Surveillance Cams

The wave of surveillance camera votes continues across the country this week. The Oklahoma Senate and House will sit to decide on the “Protect Our Loved Ones” Act, which would hold nursing homes accountable by requiring homes to install cameras in their public areas and making it easier for family members to legally install cameras in their relative resident’s rooms. The goal is to help deter crime and protect the elderly.

Read more at KXII

Arkansas Thief’s Brazen Behavior in Front of Security Cameras Leads to Capture

After being recorded stealing a number of items from a Yellville, Arkansas store as well as an employee’s credit card, the suspect went on a shopping spree at a number of other stores with obviously displayed security cameras. Whatever caused his lack of caution and poor judgment, it also led to his arrest and being charged with felony burglary, theft, and shoplifting thanks to the several high-resolution shots of his face captured as he was committing these crimes.

Read more at the Ozark Gateway

Police Solve String of Burglaries in Florida Thanks to GPS

The GPS tracker in a stolen car in Florida gave the owner, and thus the police, detailed information about the thieves’ every move. The data covered a several-hours long crime spree that went through the entire night. When police compared data from the Scion owner’s GPS report with burglary reports, they matched every stop the thieves made to a crime. They then used the GPS to find and arrest the thieves, shortly after they enjoyed a snack at McDonald’s.

Read more and watch a video at NBC-2

Hidden Camera Brings You A Box-Eye View in the Netherlands

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you mail a package, you’re not alone. This common curiosity can be so overwhelming, in fact, that it can be the catalyst for an art project/experiment. Using a hidden camera built into a box, Dutch industrial designer Ruben van der Vleuten followed his box’s progress as it snaked its way through the postal system. The result is a fascinating, jazzy video called From A to B, which you can watch below:

Read more and see box assembly photos at Laughing Squid

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