Innovative Camera Can See Around Corners

Ramesh Raskar, an associate professor at the MIT Media Lab, has created the ultimate camera that does what once sounded impossible: seeing around corners. The camera uses laser technology to create something that resembles an echo effect; except instead of using sounds to bounce off objects, this camera uses online cialis a laser flash.

As improbable as this sounds, Raskar and his team have already created a working prototype and are doing research on how to improve the technology. The uses for this innovation can vary widely, from SWAT teams scanning dangerous clomid group situations to surgeons exploring inside the human body during complex procedures.

“You could generate a map before you go into a dangerous place like a building fire, or a robotic car could use the system to compute the path it should take around a corner before it takes it,” Raskar says.

This technology is still in the development stage and will take some time before it can be used in levitra the real world, let alone available to the public. However, just by seeing that this kind of innovation is possible, it is exciting to theorize as to what the future of security and surveillance will be.

(Via Engadget)

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