Instant Burn Healing Now a Reality

Most of the gadgets and futuristic devices we write about are either designed by the military to help soldiers be more effective, or they’re lethal weapons to make them more dangerous. Today’s featured tool, however, is not for causing mayhem, but instead is a medical device that can heal people in a matter of hours. This mystery gadget is known as the skin gun, and its job is to heal a person’s injured or burnt skin in about an hour. As unreal as it sounds,

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the actual process of healing is pretty simple. Once a person’s healthy skin stem cells are harvested, they are combined with a special compound and made into a spray paint-like substance. This compound is then sprayed onto the injured area. Once covered in this mixture, the stem cells cause the person’s skin to grow back to perfect health in a matter of hours, as opposed to weeks that conventional skin repair methods take. Even thought this tool is still in the experimental stage, it has already been successfully used to treat dozens of burn victims and restore their skin back to normal. Hopefully this technology gets widespread use soon and will help to end the suffering of burn victims and save countless lives. (Via Gizmodo) / (Image by Ben Heine, licensed under Creative Commons)

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