Internet Eyes Awards the Public For Watching CCTV and Catching Crooks

cameraThere has always been somewhat of a struggle involved when trying to get people to actively participate in their communities safety. However a new innovative and cooperative system used to get people to participate in their safety, has been implemented in England.

Internet Eyes is a new “game” where the public is invited to watch thousands of CCTV cameras for criminal activity. The way the game works is that they have thousands of people watching thousands of cameras and when someone observes a crime they can report it. There are even prizes given being awarded to those who aid in the capture of criminals. Along with the streaming cameras there will also be a gallery posted that will display the images of wanted criminals. Internet Eyes is totally free to participate in and it is scheduled to launch next month.

According to Internet Eyes, “The locations of the feeds are not disclosed and Viewers reporting remain anonymous. Viewers can earn money by detecting an event that matches the above scenarios. The Viewers notification is sent to an SMS device of the owner of the video feed. The owner of the video feed is known as a Customer. The customer will also get a screenshot sent to their Customer Control Panel. As a Viewer you’ll need to be quick if you’re certain of activity as there maybe other Viewers watching the same video feeds. Only the first notification gets through.”


Hopefully this new system will help lower crime rates and give people another reason to pay attention to security in their neighborhoods.

(Via Boing Boing)

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