Interpol Turns to Social Networks to Find Most Wanted Fugitives

If you have an account on Facebook, Myspace, or any other social networking website, Interpol is asking for your help in finding their most wanted fugitives.

After starting Operation Infra-Red 2010 (for International Fugitive Round-Up and Arrest — Red Notices) on May 3rd, Interpol has arrested or located 107 of the 450 targets, and is now asking the public for help.

Interpol is searching for criminals convicted of, or suspected of, serious crimes including murder, drug trafficking, and sexual abuse.

“The operation has been very successful in locating and arresting a large number of these targets, but what we are now left with are the cases where we have no new information on their whereabouts…

It is more likely that someone will recognize one [of] these fugitives from a social networking site or a chat room than spotting them walking down the street, but no matter how a member of the public has the information, we would ask that they pass it on…

Many of these fugitives will believe they have ‘got away with it’ and that they are no longer wanted. What this operation and INTERPOL are clearly showing is that this is never the case and that law enforcement will continue to search for these wanted persons for as long as it takes,” said Operation Infra-Red coordinator Martin Cox, assistant director of Interpol’s Fugitive Investigative Support unit, in a press release posted at the organization’s Web site.

Interpol is seeking information on 26 suspects in particular, some of whom have been on the run since the early 1990s. The International Police Organization is asking anyone using social networks to review the list of suspects and relay any relevant information.

(Via PC World)

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