"Find My iPhone" Tracking App Locates Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

iphone_homeEver worried about losing that valuable iPhone of yours? Have no fear; that is, if you have the app for that. GPS tracking can now locate your lost or stolen iPhone so you can get it back and not have to pay for a new one. As part of Apple’s MobileMe service, the Find My iPhone tracking app is the company’s best (and most expensive). Here’s how it works: should your phone go missing, you can log in to the website and locate your phone on a map. You can also send a message and play a sound to signal the finder. To protect your phone, you can lock it, alter the locking code, or even erase its information from anywhere.

Most importantly, changing the SIM does not affect the effectiveness of the app. MobileMe and most other tracking devices sends messages via the data stream using push notification. Thieves essentially cannot disable the tracking.

With so many expensive gadgets to look after and a never-ending demand for them, using GPS tracking to locate devices like cell phones are worthy investments. Not so long ago, if a thief stole your phone and got away, you’d have a challenge catching him or her. If you left your phone somewhere, you’d have to depend on a kind stranger to try to return it to you. That’s not the case anymore. You can easily find the exact location of your lost phone. And thieves can no longer simply make off with a pricey accessory; they now are subject to being tracked and caught!

(Via The Australian)

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