iPhone Puts All Your Passwords at Risk

With all the sensitive information we store on our smartphones already (photos, videos, work documents, etc.) we now have something more unsettling to worry about. Recent research has revealed that a lost iPhone not only puts the above data at risk, but also lets a hacker access all of your usernames and passwords that are stored on the phone.

Think you’re fooling people with your tricky lockscreen password? Think again! With this newly found hack, the iPhone’s entire security system is bypassed and all of the login data is revealed in under six minutes. That means your Facebook account, e-mail, work Exchange account, and sensitive financial information are as easy to steal as the iPhone itself.

The only thing that you can do to protect yourself from this password-stealing hack is to make sure to have the Find My iPhone app properly working so that you can perform a remote wipe if your iPhone goes missing. And in the case that the crook managed to steal your passwords before the remote wipe got to it, make sure to change all your passwords, even if they were not stored on the device, as most users use the same or similar passwords for all of their Web identities.

Seeing as this hack can endanger your entire digital life, it should prove to be just another reason to be careful of which websites you access on your smartphones.

(Via Gizmodo) / (Image by courtneyBolton, licensed under

Creative Commons)

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