GPS Tracking App Helps Reunites Stolen iPhone with its Owner

iphone_googlemaps_locateCommitting felonies just isn’t what it used to be. Swiping someone’s personal belongings and running off into the sunset is a thing of the past now that GPS tracking systems can be implemented in almost anything these days. If you can track your child, your pet, and your spouse, tracking a phone is no big deal.

Maybe Eddie Deleon, who practically invited the police into his home when he stole an iPhone with a GPS application, hadn’t received the memo quite just yet.

Deleon had stolen two cell phones and two chargers from an unlocked truck in Alva, Florida on Tuesday, as well as a gun, a camera, and binoculars from another vehicle nearby.

Adam Troyer, the owner of the missing iPhone, called authorities when he realized he could use the tracking application that he installed onto his iPhone called Mobile me to locate the missing device.

“I immediately thought maybe i can find my phone,” said Troyer.

The case was taken over by detectives who isolated the signal from the stolen iPhone to four houses in the same neighborhood in Labelle, Florida. Detectives came upon 30-year-old Eddie Deleon when they knocked on the doors of the residents to question them about the incident.

When they got to Deleon, the deputy that tracked the phone did not hesitate to call the number–which caused the phone to ring right on the table. By the second time the deputy called, Deleon was attempting to turn off the phone while explaining that he bought it from a stranger in a local store in Lehigh Acres.

The deputies searched the house with Deleon’s permission, and found the missing items, including a chainsaw and a digital camera battery charger, which were all identified by victims as their personal belongings.

Deleon was arrested on charges of car burglary and grand theft, joining the ranks of those that now know better than to underestimate the powers of iPhone applications.

( Via ABC-7 )

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