GPS Based Momo Virtual Girlfriend is Suspicious and Paranoid, Just like The Real Thing

momo_catgirl_3Money can’t buy you love- unless you have an iPhone.

A new application has surfaced that provides you with a virtual catgirl girlfriend, named Momo.  Yes, that is right, this portable girlfriend is there for you any time of the day, waiting to love you right in your pocket.  Using new technology, creators designed Momo to express emotions depending on the time of day.  Another, feature utilizes the iPhone’s built in GPS tracking device to let Momo know when you are out and when you are home.  Just like any girlfriend- you’ll get a moodier, and suspicious Momo when you are out late into the night, and a happier, bubblier side if you spend the night in…with your phone.

Momo is a cute, idealistic, unrealistic anime character created by Tokyo based Xtone.  Your virtual girlfriend changes her clothes regularly and behaves differently on special occasions like Christmas or Valentine’s Day ;).  Another advantage that Momo has over your real life girlfriend, is that with just a shake of your phone you can change her mood!  Over 200 different moods are preset in Momo to simulate a real life girlfriend- any at your disposal anytime of the day.

Not only can money buy you love, but with this application love is also cheap- only $2.99. (Via Mobile Crunch)

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