Iraq’s Iris Scanners are Heading to an Arrest Near You

iris-scanWhat seems to a be a futuristic gadget only seen in sci-fi movies is now coming to a street near you. No, we’re not talking about the Minority Report computer, this time it’s the iris scanner. Built into a small mobile device and combined with a digital finger print scanner, this identification device makes storing people into a database as easy as it gets.

First used in Iraq and Afghanistan by US troops to enter detainees into a vast database to distinguish insurgents from civilians, this mobile scanner is now marketed to local police departments. The main selling point of this scanner is that police officers can avoid taking suspects to booking stations where wait times can be anywhere from three hours to three days. With the mobile iris and fingerprint scanner, police officers can scan, store, and match suspects to criminal records or pending warrants instantly, without ever having to leave the scene of the crime.

Once again, this example shows just how fast our technology is evolving, especially as military technology is trickling down to local police departments and businesses.

(Via Wired) / (Image taken from Wired)

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