Is Your Home Secure?

In 2007, U.S. residents age 12 or older experienced approximately 23 million crimes, according to findings from the National Crime Victimization Survey.

— 76% (17.5 million) were property crimes
— 23% (5.2 million) were crimes of violence
— 1% (194,100) were personal thefts

With the increase in violence many people are asking themselves the question: How do I protect myself and my family? Many businesses have implemented video surveillance to help catch shoplifters and break-ins, but is this necessary for a home?

Simple security measures can prevent many of these threats. Preventing such crime happening in the first place is important and as such it is imperative that householders secure all windows and doors, including patio doors, before going out for the day/evening or before retiring to bed. These simple steps can do wonders, but do you need more?

Home security has become increasingly popular among those who want to protect their families and loved ones. Not only does home surveillance protect those within the home, but also becomes a sort of neighborhood watch. In Arkansas, a man was caught on a home video surveillance after having stolen a bottle of whiskey from the house. The Sequoyah County sheriff caught the man and connected him to ten other burglaries in the area. Who knows how many more crimes were prevented by this one video.

Better safe than sorry seems to be the outcry. One can always work with too much security rather than finding themselves lacking at a crucial moment. Take a look at your home and ask yourself, “How can I make it more safe?” Then, follow through with the answer.

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Top Ten Ways To Protect Your Home

1) Lock Your Doors – Make sure doors are locked at night. According to the FBI website, one robbery occurs every 60 seconds, or 1 minute. Most of these can be avoided by taking simple steps to ensure your safety.
2) Install Video Surveillance – outside your home. Home surveillance has gotten a lot easier with new wireless and micro systems that allow you to simply install and watch feed instantly to any monitor.
3) Upgrade Your Locks – Do not leave extra keys in telltale places. Many criminals are looking for that “key under the mat.” Eliminate the threat altogether with keyless locks that use fingerprint technology or proximity tags.
4) Vigilance – Just being on alert can prevent invasion or quicken reaction time in order to get the help you and your family needs. Alarm systems quickly alert you when there is a problem in your home and allow you to take decisive action.
5) Close Your Windows – Make sure windows are closed and cannot be opened from the outside. Put a bar between a sliding glass door and the wall if the lock is flimsy. Brace doors frames and consider extra locks.
6) Protect your valuables – We all have items that are invaluable to us whether it be jewelry or a childhood toy. Ways to make sure you are never parted with your belongings include security safes and GPS tracking devices.
7) Develop A “Game Plan” – in case of all emergencies. This way your whole family knows what to do and how to quickly execute it. Steps can include calling 911 and mapping any exit routes your house may have.
8) Think Thief – Put yourself in a burglar’s shoes. Ask yourself, “How would I break in here?”
9) Get A Dog -A barking dog is a great deterrent for any person trying to enter your home.
10) Make Noise – Leave a TV or radio on. If the burglar feels like someone is at home or is awake and active they may think twice about entering that house. Radio can also function as a hidden camera in case someone does break in.

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