App Developer Hacks Into iTunes Users’s Accounts

What do you do when no one buys your apps?

You hack into the customers’ accounts and buy it for them, of course, or at least that what the app developer, Thuat Nguyen did. Since not too many people were buying his e-books, he figured that if his products were in the top 50 category that he would get a lot more sales.

iTunes is not yet sure how he did it, but Thuat Nguyen managed to get access to hundreds of user’s account information and used it to buy his apps. And was able to do it enough times to get all of his apps to the top 50 grossing products of its

After further investigation, it was found that Thuat Nguyen wasn’t the only developer pulling this scheme, as some other application developers were also ripping off user with their apps either in this way or charging them for using certain apps which are supposed to be free.

The worst part about this incident, besides the fact that some iTunes customer were charged as much as $1400 for apps that they never agreed to buy, was that Thuat Nguyen and some other app developer’s identities are still unknown as their websites and support pages link users to non-existent websites.

To make sure you aren’t a victim of this scam, the first thing you should do is look through your previous iTunes purchases for anything out of the ordinary. If you do find something you didn’t buy, get in contact with Apple and your bank as soon as possible to prevent any iTunes purchases from clearing.

(Via The Next Web)

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