Jailed Man Uses Cell Phone to Call Police and Complain

With all the serious, heavy news recently, we figured our readers could use a story to lighten their moods a bit. What better way to do so than with a story of criminal stupidity, or as we like to call it, one of our criminal fail stories.

This post is about an Ohio man who was arrested and jailed for disorderly conduct after a dispute outside a bar. The police officers stated that the man wouldn’t calm down, and out of fear that he would hurt himself or cause damage, he was handcuffed to the cell to compose himself.

Seeing as he was in a bad situation, the man decided to call for help using a cell phone that he had in his pocket. However, who he decided to call wasn’t the best choice he could have made. The man dialed 9-1-1, where the following conversation occurred:

“9-1-1, what is your emergency?”


“They got me in handcuffs in the county jail, and I can’t get my phone call, can’t do nothing,”

When asked about where he was calling from, the man, whose name we won’t mention to help save some face, replied:

“I am in the county jail. Well, it’s not the county jail, it’s the holding cell.”

The police officers shortly came to his aid, but instead of freeing him, they instead took away his cell phone and added an additional charge – misuse of 911. Maybe calling the police station and complaining that the police didn’t give him his one call wasn’t the best idea after all.

(Via CBS News) / (Image by Yoni Lerner, licensed under Creative Commons)

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