Jewelry Store Burglar Arrested After Offering Help for Reward Money

Emile Pratt Jr., a 28-year old Sharon, Pa. man had successfully robbed a jewelry store of about 100 pieces and sold them to various pawn shops across Pennsylvania. He was in the clear and could have most likely remained free, but the money from the heist wasn’t enough, and he decided he wanted to get more from the store. Pratt contacted the store and said that he was willing to help solve the case in exchange for reward money. He specified that he was up

at 2:45 a.m. the night of the burglary and heard the alarm ring. However, after bringing the spotlight onto himself, the police were able to do some investigating into finding out that it was in fact Pratt himself that was responsible for this break-in. As for the stolen jewelry, some of the 100 pieces were found in local pawn shops and were traced back to Pratt, which helped in making the case against him. So, as a note for any would-be crooks, if you’re going to commit a crime, don’t be the first one on the scene offering a helping hand… unless you’re hoping to make the investigation easier for police and will save everyone some time and resources that can be better put to use. (Via CBS News) / (Image by Barefoot In Florida licensed under Creative Commons)

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