Hackers Declare War Against Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd


The Prime Minister's Government Web Site

Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd’s website was recently hacked. Rudd’s website www.pm.gov.au were both attacked and brought down at around 7:20pm (AEST). Along with the Prime Minister’s site, the Australian Communications and Media Authority site was also hacked and attacked. Fortunately, both websites were up and running just an hour after the attacks took place.

A post was made on the Inquisitor Blog by the group Anonymous, claiming that they were responsible for the hack. The web attack was a direct response to a Federal Government proposal that would make internet filtering mandatory. The group’s post claims that by making internet filtering mandatory, the government would be blocking legal internet content and would be effectively creating censorship levels such as those seen in China.

The group’s message includes statements such as “Not only will your rights be at stake, our Internet speeds will slow down by 70 per cent, be mandatory for all Aussies and will not protect us from evil AT ALL.”

After releasing that statement, Anonymous released another stating, “In two minutes from when I type this, Anonymous is declaring war on the Australian Government over its decision to implement Draconian internet censorship.” Indeed, after the two minutes were up, the group began to display specific play-by-play commentary as the hack happened.

According to a spokesman for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, the hackers were very misguided and said that the filter would only be used to ban illegal content. “The campaign that they’re mounting is erroneous and misinformed.” “What the Government is proposing is to filter refused classification content which includes imagery of child sexual abuse, rape and bestiality.”

The internet is a never ending source of information which can greatly aid as well as greatly disturb the minds of individuals. This proposal to ban illegal content from the internet seems to have good intentions but one must wonder how far the government will end up running away with it. One thing is for certain, the group Anonymous has declared war.

Via (new.com.au)

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