Spector Pro is the Ultimate Keylogger and Spy Software for Mac

spectorproWhen it comes to Computer Surveillance software, it might seem like Mac users are left out in the cold. If you’re looking to keep tabs on how people are using your computer when you’re away from it, at BrickHouse Security we offer an assortment of great solutions for PCs. For example, the Stealth iBot Computer Spy is an extremely powerful tool for covertly recording computer activity on the sly. But what if you’re a Mac user?

Although not as convenient as a hardware based solution like the Stealth iBot Computer Spy, which can be inserted and removed on the fly without leaving a trace behind, Spector Pro is an efficient computer monitoring solution for Mac users that is worth checking out. Spector Pro takes screen shots of computer activity, logs chat and instant message activity, and it also captures all keystrokes, as well as web site and email activity. That means you’ll be able to capture every single keystroke so that can even be able to obtain username and password information. The software also features a Screen Snapshot Surveillance recorder function which lets you not only read about what they are doing, but also SEE what they are doing. Another unusual feature of Spector Pro is its ability to let you remotely review recordings from any other computer, both Mac or PC. SpectorSoft’s Spector Pro for Mac can be picked up for $99.95.

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