Xbox Kinect Makes Minority Report Computer A Reality

Xbox 360’s Kinect, the camera meant to replace a controller (letting users control the videogame with their body), has been making a lot of headlines recently. People are experimenting with Kinect, using the 3D technology for their own purposes beyond gaming. The coolest and most futuristic use of the camera so far is controlling a computer manually, just like in the movie Minority Report.

Instead of having to use a mouse or a touchscreen to control a computer, researchers at MIT have found a way to use the Kinect camera to navigate the computer interface directly with their hands and fingers.

This technology is in a primitive stage at the moment, but just by being able to use the 3D camera technology in such a way shows us that the computers of the future won’t need any keyboards or mouses. Instead, computers will use 3D cameras to map our bodies and let us control everything with just our hands alone.

Watch the video for a demo of Kinect version of the Minority Report computer interface.

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