LAPD Uses Facebook and Twitter to Find Laker’s Riot Suspects

lakers-riotsAfter the Laker’s won the NBA finals, the aftermath of the riots that erupted on the streets of downtown LA became a major source of  investigation by the LAPD. But how will the police find the suspects so long after the rioting is over?

With the help of the Internet, of course. The LAPD is using hundreds of images taken from police videos, business surveillance cameras, TV news footage, Twitter posts and Facebook pages to identify people who committed crimes during the riot.

As unlikely as this sounds, the LAPD has already arrested 46 people and expect this number to grow over the next few months.

The Los Angeles Fire Department’s arson unit released a YouTube video of people smashing and setting fire to a taxi cab, asking the public for help identifying those responsible for the damage. As of Monday, that video had gotten almost 200,000 views, and officials said they’ve gotten several solid tips.

This investigation marks a trend in detective work where police stations and individuals nationwide are turning to social networking and sites like YouTube to find and prosecute offenders.

(Via NewsFit)

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