Lakers Win Title, & L.A. Law Enforces Faces Huge Riots

riotLast night, the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA finals and Laker’s fans flooded the streets to celebrate. But instead of celebrating in a normal way, the fans got out of control and started a huge riot all over the city that caused some serious damage. The fans smashed the windows of building and cars, threw rocks, and even set a taxi cab on fire.

As fans were terrorizing downtown L.A., the police were working hard to break up the riot. But with all these people causing havoc, the riot didn’t disperse before it terrorized the whole area.

Reports say that the fans were banging on random car’s windows, jumping on their roofs, and even smashing the mirrors off cars trying to make their way down the highway and streets. The police didn’t deter rioters, even when they started shooting rubber bullets in an attempt to get people to leave.

(Via LA Times)

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