Lavish Bond Vacation Will Cost You a GoldenArm and a GoldenLeg

james-bond-islandAt BrickHouse, it’s no secret how much we enjoy James Bond films; in fact, it’s part of the reason that we became a company. While we endeavor to provide some of the gadgets to make you more like Bond, however, living the life of a spy is more than that. To that end, one luxury website is offering a vacation fit for only the most elite member of MI6, for the ludicrous price of over $800,000.

Offered by, the trip begins at the London Dorchester Hotel (the opening setting of the latest James Bond continuation novel, Solo) and spans seven countries in 21 days. Also in London, guests will be treated to a martini masterclass followed by a Rolls-Royce Bond tour.

From London, a private jet will whisk guests to Nice, France, where they will connect via helicopter to Monaco’s Metropole Hotel. Next is VIP treatment at Le Casino de Monte-Carlo (a filming location for multiple Bond films), where guests will play Chemin de Fer, the original version of card game baccarat, presumably with someone’s life, or the fortune of an arms dealer at stake.

Between Monaco and the next stop, Turkey, there is an Aston Martin ride, followed by a Ferrari race, and then a stop off in Venice for a yacht tour. In Turkey, guests will enjoy the Istanbul Four Seasons as well as a walking tour of the Istanbul bazaar (as seen in Skyfall).

The next stop is Thailand, where guests will take a private boat to Koh Phing Kan, also known as James Bond Island, which was prominently featured in The Man with the Golden Gun.

Finally, guests will be taken to Jamaica to stay at Ian Fleming’s estate, where “they will have access to a vintage Bond car and be taken by helicopter and speedboat to all the spots featured in Dr. No, including Crab Key and of course the setting of arguably the most famous Bond girl scene: Ursula Andress rising from the sea,” Island Outpost Founder Chris Blackwell, which runs the estate, told the London Evening Standard.

Of course, the trip is completely unrealistic for 99.9% of everybody. For those with a more sensible reverence for the spy life, the London Film Museum has just opened its Bond In Motion exhibit, which features dozens of iconic cars, boats, jets, and more from Bond films throughout the decades.

If you can’t make it to London, perhaps you can find a quantum of solace in some of the spy gadgets we offer over at BrickHouse.

(h/t to The AV Club. Image of James Bond Island by Chris Hoare, licensed under Creative Commons)

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