Infographic: Less Lethal Weapons? A State-by-State Breakdown Reveals Dangerous Inconsistencies in Self Defense Laws

The idea that home and personal protection should be top of mind for everyone is a central tenet here at BrickHouse Security; you might even say it’s our stock in trade. So we felt compelled to point out the dangerous and hypocritical inconsistencies among state laws governing lethal weapons (handguns and rifles) versus non-lethal defense tools (tasers, pepper spray or stun guns).

According to some states,”less-lethal” weapons  deserve to have prohibited ownership… as in, “you cannot own them” in certain states. At all…

But how can this be? The hypocrisy of allowing people access to lethal weapons provided they pass a background check while simultaneously saying they cannot own non-lethal weapons regardless of who they are just doesn’t make sense.

What do you think? Should the government mandate that you can only protect yourself with a lethal weapon in certain states while denying you access to a safer, less expensive form of non-lethal self defense? Check our our infographic for some important food for thought.


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