Town in Maine Looks to Roll Out Robust Surveillance System

lincolnFor years low officials in the town of Lincoln, Maine, have been trying to get security cameras up and running so that they may be able to better keep track of crime.

Councilor Stephen Clay said “There was just a lot of vandalism. We wanted a way to be able to see the vandalism take place, know who did it. So that’s how it all started.”

But recently these cameras have been running into a bit of a snag. As many devices in the area also use wireless networks this sometimes interferes with the cameras signal and makes it so that the camera shuts down and has to be reset from the government building. This is a problem for crimes that occur during the night. If the camera were to go out at 2AM and no one was there to reset it then anything could happen in that alley way and no one would be the wiser.

Recently there was a fight in the parking lot and one of the men involved in that fight ended up dying of a heart attack after drifting through out the town for a while. The police say that had the camera not been knocked out, then they would have been able to without a doubt determine exactly what happened. The city plans to put the cameras back in action and my even upgrade them to cameras that run on a fiber optics network to reduce the amount of disturbances.

The towns people are in agreement that the camera needs to be fixed. they say that it is an essential part in the crime fighting effort. City counselors are currently discussing the different types of plans available to them and are expected to come to an agreement next month.

“I want them running,” said Lisa Goodwin town manager. “We’ve put them up, we’ve gone to the expense of purchasing them. I certainly want them running and useful.”

Improving the cameras are a several thousand dollar project and it remains to be seen whether or not that price will be paid.


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