Is Irresponsibility a Crime? Man Stupidly Loses $1.35 Million Painting

What started out as a routine transportation of a painting within the city of New York ended up costing someone over a million dollars. The tale begins with James Haggerty, who was hired to transport a Jean Baptiste Camille Corot painting called “Portrait of a Girl” to a buyer who wanted a closer look at the painting. Considering that the painting is valued at $1.35 million, having it delivered by hand by a single man might have not been the best idea.

But the story gets worse – the painting eventually goes missing. And no, it wasn’t stolen by highly trained art thieves or even a thug with a gun. Instead, the painting went missing when Haggerty decided to stop by a hotel bar for some drinks. And by some, we mean enough to get completely drunk to the point where he had no recollection of what happened to the painting.

Surveillance cameras at the hotel bar show that he left with the painting in his possession, but the cameras at his Trump Place apartment building show that he came home empty handed.

Having woken up with no painting and no recollection of the night before, Haggerty had no explanation to offer its owner. For this extreme act of irresponsibility he is now being sued for the loss of the painting and might be looking at quite a large bill that he will have to pay.

But on the bright side, if you are a New Yorker and live in Manhattan you should pay close attention to the trash heap on the side of the street. A good eye for fine art might just make you a millionaire.

(Via NY Daily News)

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