Lose Your Smartphone But Don’t Have a Locator App? There’s a Plan B

Seeing just how much information and sensitive data we store on our smartphones, not to mention the phone numbers and photos we probably haven’t back up in months, losing it all can be a huge headache. We not only lose a phone, but we lose a piece of ourselves along with that phone. However, because cell phone application developers know how severe this lose can be, they have created many different apps that help people find their lost or stolen phone by using the phone’s built-in GPS. These lost phone apps are becoming pretty popular as of late, but one of the drawbacks is that the GPS has to be on and the app running in the

background at all times, both of which are massive battery drains. For this reason most people choose not to use these types of apps and figure that they will just be extra careful at keeping an eye on their phones. Big mistake; because when they do lose their phones, they not only feel bad, but also blame themselves for turning off the app or not getting it in the first place. But not to worry, Lookout Labs, one of the leading smartphone security and anti-virus companies, has developed the perfect solution for this unfortunate case. Instead of having to install and run the app in the background to keep your phone safe in case of theft, they’ve created an app that you download onto your smartphone after you’ve lost it. You install the location app onto your smartphone once it leaves your possession, and even if your GPS function was turned off before, it becomes able to track the location of your missing phone and e-mail you its location every ten minutes. This wonder app is called Plan B (by Lookout Labs) and can be downloaded at the Android app store free of charge. We can predict that like most great apps that are free at first, it will soon get a price tag once more people find out how effective it is. This could prove to be a revolutionary app in the lost smartphone department, and is worthy of mentioning to anyone that has ever lost a smart phone, or owns one and would like to keep it that way. (Via Android) / (Image by velorowdy, licensed under Creative Commons)

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