Low Fidelity: The BrickHouse Guide to Catching a Cheating Spouse (Part 1)

infedelityblogInfidelity is one of the most difficult topics we deal with on a day-to-day basis. It’s taboo because it’s sexual, but more than that, it’s isolating; those experiencing doubts about their relationships often don’t have anyone to turn to to discuss their fears rationally.

The products we offer at BrickHouse are designed to get you the evidence you need to answer those tough questions; no matter what that answer may be. Keep in mind, the doubts you have could be completely debunked by the evidence you gather. The most important thing is finding the answer and moving on with your life, for better or worse.

Choosing the right product all depends on your spouse’s habits or infidelity “tells.” There are a number of tells, including everything from unexpected financial woes to changing appearance. For a list of the top ten tells, click here. A major tell, if they spend hours on the computer in secret and password-protect their account, or immediately delete their browser history, it could mean they’re using the computer to arrange an affair, or engaging in any number of other sexual activities online (chatting, porn, etc). In the second part of this series, we’ll be looking into how cell phone and PC monitoring tools can give you the answers you need.

After digital monitoring tools, we’ll discuss hidden cameras and how to choose the best cam for your specific situation. Finally, we’ll talk about your suspicious spouse’s irregular travel patterns and how you can discreetly use GPS trackers to find out where they really are when they say they’re working late.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a look at the most effective ways to catch a cheating spouse. Again, the most effective method will be unique to your specific situation. Whatever product gives you the answers you need is the right product for you. We look forward to guiding you through this difficult topic and helping you get the answers you need.

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