Low Fidelity: The BrickHouse Guide to Catching a Cheating Spouse (Part 2: Social Media As An Enabler)

infidelity 2In this, the second part of our four-part series on infidelity, we’ll be looking at how the changing digital landscape has made it easier than ever to cheat; and what you can do to combat new technologies.

It should come as no surprise that, with the advent of social media, it has never been easier for spouses to get in touch with old flames or spark up new ones with co-workers, colleagues, or total strangers. The fastest-rising demographic in social media is users 50 and over; age groups that are much more likely to be married. Rising digital temptations coupled with matrimonial boredom is making social media a major contributing factor in modern divorce. Currently, 80 percent of divorce lawyers have cited cases where social media has been used as evidence for cheating, with Facebook being cited the most often (about 66% of the time).

What’s more, these statistics don’t even take into account the fact that smartphones have made access to all of these networking sites portable, and the number of smartphones has seen an astronomical rise in recent years. If your spouse is spending countless hours on the computer, it’s pretty obvious to assume the worst. But with smartphones, the ability to connect with someone on the side is discreet, and nearly undetectable.

So what do you do if you suspect your spouse of going behind your back? Asking questions and talking it out might lead to lies, further distance, more conflict and other, unrelated issues. If you need to answer tough questions, but you’re afraid of the answer, or you’re worried about what will happen just by asking, then a monitoring device could be the perfect way for you to get the answers you need to alleviate your doubts.

PC What They’re Up To

Computer monitoring is effective, inexpensive, and easy enough for any computer novice to use. The great thing about computer spy devices is that, no matter what you’re looking to track, there is a device perfectly suited for your needs.

Take the Stealth iBot Computer Spy for example; not only does this device log all keystrokes, enabling you to uncover passwords, chat histories, URLs typed, and more, but you can actually set the device to send you screenshots when select words are typed. Say your spouse types the word “motel,” you can set the Stealth iBot to snap a screenshot of the computer screen so you know for sure who they were talking to, and what they were talking about. The Stealth iBot Deluxe will provide all of these services, with the added function of sending you emails automatically of those select screenshots. Both of these high-tech devices are almost completely untraceable by common anti-virus software, so you don’t need to worry about tipping them off.

SPECTOR PRO, a unique computer monitor software package, actually captures video of all computer activity, taking any guesswork out of what might have been said, showing you only what actually happened, in the order it happened. Much like the iBot, SPECTOR PRO is triggered by key phrases. What makes this software unique, however, is that there are versions available for both PC and Mac.

Mobile Monitoring Made Easy

Even if your suspect spouse is careful about their computer activity, their cell phones may be your window into their world of any illicit activity. If you are worried about infidelity, the most likely place your spouse will be messing around is on their smartphone.

At BrickHouse, we offer a number of cell phone monitoring tools designed to give you the answers you need, no matter what type of phone your spouse has. With the iPhone Spy Stick, the Android Spy Stick, the Cell Phone Recon, and the Cell Phone Spy, you’re able to monitor emails, contacts, text messages (even if they’ve been deleted!), browser histories, map searches, and more (full functionality varies from device to device).

For Android and BlackBerry, nothing beats the eBLASTER Mobile Smartphone Monitoring Software. With all of the features of our other devices, plus the added benefit of remote real-time updates and live map views, not only will you know exactly what your spouse is doing on their phone, you’ll also know where they are while they’re doing it. Mobile monitoring from BrickHouse is simple; just find the device that’s right for the phone you’re looking to monitor and you’re all set. Know for sure if the one you love deserves your trust.

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