Low Fidelity: The BrickHouse Guide to Catching a Cheating Spouse (Part 4: GPS Lets You Know Where They Go)

Blog_gps-platformIn the first part of our series on how to catch a cheating spouse we discussed general ways to uncover infidelity. In parts two and three we looked at digital forensics and hidden cameras, respectively. Now, in our final piece, we look at GPS tracking and how it can help you get the answers you need.

The common infidelity narrative that we hear all the time is that a spouse is “working late” when they’re actually with someone else. The problem is, career-oriented cheaters tend to keep their infidelity chatter (on their phone or computer) confined to the office, making it much harder to look at electronic paper trails to prove if they are or aren’t doing something wrong. These careful spouses also tend to keep their infidelity out of the home as well, making hidden cameras an impractical solution. The question becomes, what do you do when you need to know where they’re really going when they’re away from home?

A GPS tracker provides you with real-time location updates no matter where you are. Check directly on your tablet, PC, or smartphone and find out for sure if they are where they say they are.

Which Tracker Is Right For You?

Choosing a GPS tracker to catch a cheater depends on a number of factors. Do you need a small, covert device? Do they travel for extended periods of time without coming home? Are you looking to avoid monthly fees? The answers to these questions are determining factors in choosing the right tracker for you.

For covert tracking for weeks at a time, the Spark Nano is the device for you. Fitting in the palm of your hand, this real-time device is the Cadillac of covert trackers. Simply hide it somewhere in your spouse’s vehicle and always know where they go. From your PC, tablet, or computer, you can log into the BrickHouse Security GPS platform and see on a map exactly where they’re going, and with detailed reports you’ll know how long they’ve been there. If your spouse says they’re going somewhere specific, you can set up a “geofence,” or digital perimeter, and you will receive an automatic email or text alert if they veer off of that path. This GPS tracker begins tracking as soon as the vehicle begins moving, which maximizes its already stellar battery life. If there’s something fishy going on, the Nano will let you know for sure.

Of course, some spouses are on the road for extended periods of time. While the Spark Nano is great for short tracking intervals, if your spouse ends up messing around when the device’s battery is dead, you’re in the same position as when you started. A hardwired tracker, like the BrickHouse HCT Plus, installs directly into the car’s power source, eliminating the worry that the device will die on you. This hardwired tracker provides the same unparalleled level of functionality as the Spark Nano (geofencing, detailed reports, live viewing on any device) but removes the battery life issue from the equation.

Both hardwired and real-time trackers provide an amazing service, but that service comes with a monthly price. If you’re looking to find out where your spouse has been, but knowing where they are at any given moment isn’t the most essential information for you, a GPS Data Logger, like the iTrail, could be perfect for you. This tiny, covert device will last up to 120 hours on a single charge and captures location, speed and time. With this logger, you’ll be able to find out for sure where they really go when they’re away from home. Simply recover the device when they return home, plug the iTrail into your computer, and extract all of the location data, perfectly plotted on a map; with no monthly fees.

GPS devices are a surefire way to get the answers you need to the toughest question you may ever have. Get rid of any doubt with one of these tech marvels.

In Conclusion

Regardless of your unique situation, there is a way to find out for sure if the one you love is deserving of your trust. And no matter what the outcome is, the important thing is knowing the truth and being able to move on with your life.

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