Video Lunchbox Forces Children to Appreciate Parents

Video technology has revolutionized surveillance and communication over the past few decades. Usually, we highlight developments in the industry that will challenge or elevate the status quo. When confronted with the lunchbox video camera, however, all we can do is shake our heads, befuddled, and wonder why.

The LunchCommunicator is a Japanese-developed lunchbox with an integrated video camera and computer system. The theory behind the device is that parents can film themselves preparing a meal, which is then played back to their children as they’re consuming said meal. Then, the lunchbox films the children eating the meal for the parents to watch later.

There is certainly value in appreciating where your meal comes from. There is also value in watching food being prepared (as evidenced by the glut of cooking shows out there). But, the idea of watching someone eat just to illicit a “Thank you” seems a bit overkill (and, do we dare say, creepy).

Watch a demonstration video below:


(Story and image via Dvice)

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