Man Arrested for Secretly Adding His Wife to the No-Fly List

We’re not sure whether the man and his wife were dealing with some sort of infidelity troubles or whether he just got tired of being in a relationship, but an immigration officer recently got busted for misusing his access to the airport’s no-fly list to keep his wife from returning to her home country.

And this wasn’t meant as a cruel joke of some kind, but an actual attempt to rid himself of his wife for as long as he could. The man, whose name was not released, added his wife’s name to the no-fly list about three years ago when she flew into Pakistan to visit family. He also added that she should not be allowed to board any flights into Britain because her presence in the country was “not conducive to the public good.”

It has now been three years since the immigration officer added his wife to the list; and this cruel action was just detected. And to add to the irony, it was when the officer was chosen for a promotion and his list was thoroughly looked over that his wife’s name was found.

If it wasn’t for the promotion, who knows how long the poor woman might have been kept out of the country. It is now safe to say that the wife will be returning home to Britain and seeking a divorce. Because, even if she could ignore the whole being barred from the country for three years thing; having an unemployed husband is just absurd.

(Via Daily Mail) / (Image by puddy_uk, licensed under Creative Commons)

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