Man Arrested For Shoveling with Explosives

Shoveling snow—ncreating and settingobody likes to do it, but it’s a task that must be

done. One man got creative and found a way to clear snow from his property while simultaneously being able to relax and skip all the hard work. The only drawback is that his creative way of “shoveling” was also highly dangerous, illegal, and got him arrested in the end. Leo J. Powers, a 23-year-old

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man from Abington, Mass., decided that it would be too much work to do the actual act of shoveling snow and would be much easier to just blow it away with explosives. And surprisingly, he managed to get this to work successfully multiple times. The local police, however, didn’t think too much of his bright idea, and charged him with possession of incendiary devices and threats to commit a crime. Basically, the man was creating and setting off bombs; and even if the only victim was the snow, this was still highly dangerous. He is now being investigated for possession of explosives and

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weapons, and has had his firearms permit revoked for obviously misusing weapons; which should be used only for self-defense. (Via Patriot Ledger) / (Image by Like_the_Grand_Canyon, licensed under Creative Commons)

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