Retired NYPD Officer Mark King Awarded Inaugural BrickHouse Security $10,000 Education Scholarship

mark-king-blog-size-scholarshipAfter a months-long search, BrickHouse Security has awarded its first $10,000 scholarship to Mark King, a retired NYPD officer injured in the line of duty and currently looking to further his education.

The scholarship, which was announced late last year, allocates $10,000 to current or retired law enforcement officers wounded while on duty to help pay for their education or the education of their family. After an exhaustive search and vetting process, Mr. King was selected for his admirable service to both the NYPD and the US Army, and his commitment to education.

Mr. King began his service in the NYPD in 1993, working primarily as a patrol officer in the Bronx. In 2012, while apprehending a suspect resisting arrest, he tore a quadricep in his right knee, inhibiting his ability to perform his duties. For the next year he underwent surgery and physical therapy while assigned to inside work: writing reports and answering telephones; an assignment the patrolman describes as “frustrating and restrictive.”

“For almost my entire career, I was a patrol officer,” Mr. King wrote in his essay, a requirement for the scholarship application. “I preferred to work with the public, and I was known to be a firm but fair officer in the area that I policed.”

In 2013, after 20 years on the force, Mr. King was granted disability retirement.

During his time with the NYPD, Mr. King noticed a greater emphasis on education among his fellow officers.

“Requirements for the job had changed,” Mr. King wrote. “New officers needed to have college credits and college degrees were a requirement for promotion. If I had more education, I would have been able to advance my career.”

Now, with twin daughters beginning college: Shayla Nicole King, a freshman at Binghamton University in New York and Charisse Nicole King, a freshman at Temple University in Philadelphia, Mr. King hopes to be an even greater role model to them in their quest for a higher education.

“I want them to see their Dad further succeed by going back to school,” he wrote.

The inaugural $10,000 scholarship is open to current and retired police officers across the US. The award will be given out annually, with applicants required to provide necessary documentation and an essay explaining how their service has impacted their views on higher education.

“This scholarship is one small way for us to thank peace officers who have served so honorably,” said BrickHouse Security founder and CEO Todd Morris.

The 2015 scholarship is now accepting submissions. Read more about it here.

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