Meet the World’s Worst Armed Robber

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Halve Maatje (“The Half Size”) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our best advice: Don’t mess with the regulars in this bar. A masked man walks in waving a gun — but nobody cares. The patrons proceed to ignore him and carry on with their drinking. One local even walks right by the “armed and dangerous” bandit to get back to his favorite stool. As his so-called robbery falls apart, the goofy gunman proceeds to lower his standards and instead demands that a bar-goer give up a pack of cigarettes, only to be denied and sloughed off once again. Soon everyone in the place gets tired of the gun-wielding clown and chases him en masse out of the bar. The video ends but the bad luck continues for the inept perp. A regular, who happens to be a marathon runner (we’re guessing he’s probably not a world-class marathon runner), has no trouble catching up with our man a mile or so down the road and holding him until the cops arrive. (Via Gizmodo)

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