Microsoft Update Leaves Firefox Users At Risk

firefox-bomb1 A recent Microsoft software update (.NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (SP1)) puts Mozilla Firefox browsers at risk. An added browser plug-in (that cannot be deleted, nor deactivated) lets the plug-in secretly and silently install programs onto your computer. This plug-in, known as the .NET Framework Assistant, might have been created with the intention of updating Firefox and improving your browsing experience, has been exploited, and hackers learned how to use it against you.

The way Microsoft engineers described this threat was a “browse-and-get-owned” situation. What this means is that if you visit a rigged website, even if you don’t install or download anything yourself, your computer can be hacked and get all kinds of spyware and malware installed on it without you even knowing.

After this has been found out and reported, Microsoft responded by putting out another software update that allows you to disable and uninstall the .NET Framework Assistant, however, it has not apologized to Mozilla Firefox for secretly sneaking this plug-in into their browser. To make sure that you are protected, and are not at risk of getting hacked, make sure that your browser does not have the .NET Framework Assistant activated.

(Via ComputerWorld)

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