Microsoft Warns Users of Word Attacks

In the past we’ve written a lot about PDF exploits (when a hacker or scammer sends you an e-mail with a PDF file attached and some compelling reason for opening the file). By now most people know that these are really viruses, especially when the e-mail comes from someone you don’t know or the file is there without good reason.

But until now these viruses were mostly sent around as PDF or other executable files—until now. Microsoft has recently warned the public that there was a bug exploit in Microsoft Word software that allowed for Word files to also potentially hold and launch viruses. The next time you get an unusual e-mail with a Word file, think twice before downloading or opening it. It would be an even better idea to not open or download any files that come from an e-mail address you don’t know or anything that seems suspicious. This same advice goes for links that you receive in your e-mail, as they might just as easily infect your computer with a virus the same as downloading one of these infected

documents. (Via Computer World) / (Image by Adria.Richards, licensed under Creative Commons)  

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