Midland Police Cars Get High Tech Makeover with GPS Tracking, Video Surveillance

In Midland, Texas police cars are getting a make over thanks to high tech GPS tracking and new video surveillance systems. All cars will receive an “Automatic Vehicle Locator” that will allow dispatchers to locate any officer using GPS satellite location, at any time while on duty.  City planners hope that implementing this type of system will increase efficiency because it will make it easier to locate and dispatch officers in case of emergency.  This will also replace classic systems of contacting police via radio or phone call.

“[The system] will locate the closest officer; not necessarily the sector, but someone who is close for the emergency type calls,” Lt. Brian Bogart, said.

“The biggest benefit is the fact that it will reduce the time with writing reports. The current system takes a few days, and now the system will be downloaded immediately,” Deputy Chief J.R. Smith, said.

Other improvements include the installation of high tech dashboard cameras that allow district attorneys to remotely log in and view video surveillance without having to locate the footage, burn it to a DVD, and physically transport it to the district attorney’s office.

Using a remote network of cameras and GPS trackers, the Midland police hope to streamline operations and provide faster emergency response system. “Everybody is going to be a lot happier with the new system,” Lt. Bogart said.

Starting Monday, law enforcement officials say the new laptops with GPS will be installed into all 120 police cars.

(Via NewsWest9.com)

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