The New Addition to Britain’s Special Air Service: Paratrooper Dogs

dog-soldierCommonly known as man’s best friend, dogs have since been promoted to soldiers’ best friends.  Companionship soars to new heights as dogs join paratroopers on highly dangerous war missions.The dogs are highly trained and will be joining paratroopers diving out of aircraft for High Altitude High Opening jumps, where soldiers deploy parachutes at very high altitudes so that the dog and soldier duo can glide down into their target location undetected.

Once they touch the ground, the dogs act as a second pair of eyes for the soldiers seeking out Taliban insurgents. Aside from tapping into the dog’s senses, the dogs will also be equipped with wireless cameras, which will stream live footage back to their soldier companions. The idea is that the dogs will enter an area and investigate before the humans will.

As our technology continues to improve and become more efficient everyday, the military continues to expand the way it battles against terrorism. Whether it is camera equipped paratrooper dogs or bomb sniffing dolphins, the military is always eager to gain an upper hand on the war on terror.

(Via Danger Room)

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