What’s Johnny Really Doing on His iPhone?

A survey by the Family Online Safety Institution found that a large majority of parents set rules for their children’s Internet usage, but fewer of them are enforcing the rules they set. And even fewer are getting an accurate idea of what their kids are really doing online and on their phones.
Among the survey’s findings:

  • 93% of parents set rules or limits to monitor their children’s Internet usage
  • 79% of parents review their children’s browsing history
  • 60% of parents who have not used parental controls say controls are not necessary because they have put rules or limits in place
  • 70% of parents review text messages on their children’s smartphone
  • Only 25% of parents whose children use a smartphone to access the Internet have set up parental controls on it

Bottom line: Many parents check out their children’s web history and texting activity, but that doesn’t give them an accurate picture because most kids learn when they’re very young how to delete the content that might get them in trouble.

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You can view the entire survey and the results at FOSI.org, or you can see the results in infographic form here.

(Via Family Online Safety Institute) / (Image by Spigoo licensed under Creative Commons)

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